How to Pick the Perfect Earrings?

Types of Earrings

Stud Earrings

The most popular and common one. The needle of the earring is passed through the ear hole and is secured with a bracket on the back of the ear. Generally, when piercing the ears, stud earrings are used.

These earrings dangle from the ear beads and are usually adorned with a string of jewels. Lengths vary, some are only 2 cm below the ear beads, while others can grow up to the shoulders. Long dangling earrings, usually used on more solemn occasions.

Hoop Earrings

A large 360-degree circle with an opening in the middle and through the ear hole. In ancient China, there was a kind of hoop earring made of a notched jade ring, called Yu Jue. Some scholars believe that wearing a jade Jue requires a large ear piercing, and some scholars believe that it is a clip-on type.

Hanging Earrings

These earrings are designed for those who are afraid of pierced ears. They don’t need to be pierced, just hang on the back of the ear. Therefore, these hanging earrings are becoming more and more popular.

Clip Magnet Earrings

For the convenience of people who do not have pierced ears, some ring earrings are also designed to be clip-shaped, which can be worn with the ear beads. However, granular or nail-shaped earrings generally cannot be designed to be clip-shaped, so it is necessary to use the characteristics of magnets to clip the ear beads. The outer side of the magnet earrings has an earring with a magnet attached, and the inner side has a mini magnet with opposite magnetic properties. The two magnets can firmly clamp the ear beads, so that the earrings are not easy to fall off.

Silicone Earrings

Instead of clipping the ears, the earrings use the friction between the silicone and the skin to keep the earrings from falling off. Compared with clip-on earrings, silicone earrings are much less painful.

Collocation of Earrings

Earring are the most visible and essential piece of jewelry because they are worn on the most visible and important face of the human body. As a result, knowing how to choose and wear earrings correctly is essential aesthetic knowledge. To create the best effect when wearing earrings, pay attention to the synchronization of earrings with your face, skin color, body form, apparel, and use.

Different people are suitable for wearing different styles of earrings, and the selection of earrings also has certain skills. Especially the matching of face shape and earrings, if matched properly, it can greatly enhance a person’s overall temperament, and casual matching may affect the overall feeling. In addition, you can choose earrings in a variety of hues to match your skin tone, which not only enhances your temperament, but also makes you more eye-catching in the crowd. The following are tips for selecting accessory earrings based on their own qualities.

Based on Skin Tone

Square Face

Wearing a pair of round, rectangular, key-shaped, or curved line thinking dangling earrings (drop earrings) to cushion the edges and corners of the face is appropriate. Square, triangular, or square horn earrings are not recommended. The facial lines must be visually softened on a square face. Flower-shaped, heart-shaped, and oval-shaped earrings are ideal for softening and modifying the water chestnut of the face, as well as reducing the flaws of too evident facial lines.

Round Face

Wearing angular, “zigzag,” leaf-shaped, and pointy earrings can provide the appearance of slenderness and delicateness. For big-faced girls, circular earrings are not recommended. Larger earrings or earrings with a triangular, teardrop-shaped top and a smaller lower are recommended. It might visibly lengthen the face by reducing the wideness of the cheeks.

Heart Shaped Face

It is advisable to wear a triangle and a large circle to form a pincer-shaped sun ring, so that the face shape and earrings appear harmonious.

Thin Face

It is best to choose round earrings that fit closely to the ears to reduce the sense of vertical extension. Button earrings and stud earrings are good choices.

Triangle Face

Wearing earrings that are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, such as heart-shaped, pear-shaped, and so on, can make the chin appear fat and exquisite, even if it is thin and pointed.

Oval Face

You can wear nearly any shape of earrings with the classic standard face shape of oriental ladies, but you should keep in mind that the size of the earrings should be in harmony with your overall feeling. Earring have a stronger visual impression on women with this face shape. Earring can be in any form or style you like.

Color is the most popular form of beauty, so the coordination of earring color and skin tone cannot be ignored.

Based on Skin Tone

White skin

Brighter-colored earrings, such as bright crimson, dark purple, coffee, or light red earrings, might be chosen. This skin tone prefers a wide range of earring hues, and wearing a variety of colors can have a greater beautifying effect.

Brown skin

Wear light, brighter earrings like milky ivory earrings, creamy agate earrings, light green moonstone earrings, or light purple crystal earrings if you have brown skin.

Yellower skin

Wear a variety of silver earrings, but white gold alloy earrings are preferable since they help to line up the skin and brighten the eyes.

Darker skin

Gold earrings are a good choice. Gold earrings look great on people of all complexion tones. It’s a soft, warm color that evokes ideas of purity, brightness, and wealth. Earring made of pearls can also be worn. The color of pearls is also suitable for matching all skin tones, whether it is white skin or other colors, pearl earrings can play the same effect.

Based on Temperament

In addition to appearance, earrings will be better in line with their own temperament. Everyone’s living environment and education are different, and the temperament they cultivate is also different, so you must choose earrings that suit you. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to give others a sense of beauty, but it will give others a sense of embellishment. If you want to convey a sense of generosity, you must wear earrings with not many decorations, which will look more simple; if you want to make others feel rich, you must wear high-end earrings.

Earrings have a sense of identity, and like clothes, they should be in line with age, personality and identity. You can wear a simple earrings matching suit when you go to work, and you should pay special attention to the inlays. If it is too rough, it will reduce the value of the earrings. Exaggerated geometric figures, rough wooden earrings, and giant gypsy-style rings have a wild taste. They match with casual jeans and jackets, which can make people feel unrestrained. In addition, wearing earrings should also be coordinated with their age. Young girls should wear polygonal and dynamic earrings and earrings to create a youthful and energetic image. Don’t be too demanding on earrings material. And middle-aged women must wear jewelry earrings with texture, the look and feel of high quality is far more important than the unique shape.

Based on Hairstyle

Women with shawls and long hair will look beautiful and eye-catching with long and narrow earrings;

Women with short hair, such as earrings as long as the ends of the hair, will affect the beauty. The combination of short hair and delicate ear studs can set off the liveliness and shrewdness of women;

Women with asymmetrical hairstyles, such as wearing a large earring, can balance and look unique;

The classic bun with hanging earrings makes people elegant and generous;

It should also be noted that women who wear glasses should not wear large earrings, because glasses already occupy a large area on the face.

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