How Luxury Jewelry Retailers Retain Top Customers in 2022

Charmaine Sevy is a constant diamond girl, but recently she has taken a necklace decorated with southern Sea pearls thanks to her recommendations from her sales partners in Neiman Marcus. “I told him, ‘I don’t know about this,'” recalls Sevy, based in Naples, Florida. “And he said, ‘Charmaine, just try it!'”

Reader, he bought it.

That is the type of approach ordered first that makes a difference for obsessive jewelry. When the whole world switches from IRL shopping to the URL in recent years, everything works a little differently for this type of VIP.

“Previously, communication was a little more in the will,” said Natalie Bloomingdale, founder of the e-commerce site curated by The Sil, from Retail’s Standard M.O. For client outreach. “But as long as the locking is more intentional, and carefully.”

White glove maintenance is always a norm in luxury, where facilities can include preview collections, jewelry equipment with designers, and special works. During Pandemi, the store also offers incentives, such as transporting various kinds of bijoux – along with security – right into the client’s living room (or flying it to the second or third home). Now retailers keep the upper -level clients involved by relying on something that can not be given by the iPhone – personal touch.

Pomellato Iconica earrings

Direct lane to your favorite shop partner is given. Today, Buzzier Perk will go to the atelier designer to see fresh pieces from the garage. Meanwhile, several brands are hosting intimate events in distant locations (thinking southern France) for VVIP. In our day our self-promotion and oversharing, this tête-à-têts provides the freedom that is very desired by customers who really want.

When Neiman Marcus returned to direct interaction, he did it by not whispering but with an explosion, hosting the shops in iconic-goldstein residences in L. which functions as a reminder, in the top echelon from the retail, the bond between the client and Their sales partners are not really business at all.

“You eventually become a friend,” said jewelry designer and generous Bridget Gless Keller, arms with Penny Rhodes, his partner. “Having someone who can write is the key. This is what I can’t do anymore, “added Gless Keller, imitating the actions of reversing the catalog, teary eyes. Great partners are filters, bring you adapted edit -and, if you are lucky, the gossip side.

Jewelry addicts do not have a shortage of virtual platforms to get improvements, but Gless Keller admitted that no one replaced the touch experience. “You need to touch it, to feel the weight,” he said.

Vhernier Beverly Hills

Like many industries, retail adjusted to the initial changes caused by locking. For many stores, it means moving quickly into the digital future, but in other ways it will revive the actions that are respected by the missing time in the Pixel era and our social media: namely customer service.

Bloomingdale, for example, Rhapsodized about his grandmother, who lives in a rural city three hours from Dallas but will drive to meet with his personal spending in Neiman Marcus.

“You know, there is a miracle for that,” he said, adding that he had brought tradition. “There is a man named Gary who works in the shoe department, and he said,‘ Natalie, there is this girl I want you to meet. I think you two will succeed. “Now he, like, one of my three girlfriends,” he said. “I mean, my shoe man introduced me to one of my best friends!”

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