Are You Aware of These Facts Regarding Earrings?

Earrings were a popular accessory for ladies in ancient times, and they were frequently worn on the ears. In terms of material, earrings are mainly metal, and some may be stone, wood, or other similar hard materials. Earring constructed of plastic are also available nowadays. Although modern dress is open, both men and women can wear earrings, there are still more women who are accustomed to and like to wear them.

Earrings are jewelry worn on the earlobes that are made of metal or jade. Metal, plastic, glass, gemstones, and other materials can be used to make earrings. Some are granular, while others are round or pendant. The human body’s ability to handle the weight and size of earrings is restricted. Some people who are used to wearing heavy earrings will find that the ear beads and ear holes are stretched after wearing them for a long time.

Drop earrings can be seen in many ancient and modern cultures around the world. The practice of piercing a newborn girl’s ears is controversial in many cultures because it is not the baby’s will. Male ear piercing is getting increasingly popular in today’s society.

Earlobe earrings come in a variety of shapes and are mostly worn by women, though some males do as well. It’s commonly worn in one of three ways: hanging from the earhole, clipping the earlobe with a reed, or screwing it in place. To a certain extent, earrings can show certain customs, beliefs, status, wealth, etc.

Reason for Wearing

Earring have a history that is unique. Some people think that it originated from the metal earmuffs used by northern peoples for marriage, but there are two more credible theories.

The first believes that the appearance of earrings is due to people’s desire for beauty; another saying is that earrings first appeared for the purpose of medical treatment.

Of course, the first statement is well understood and self-evident; but from the perspective of modern medicine, the second statement also makes sense, because the part of the earlobe that wears earrings is exactly the acupuncture point of the eye. It can be seen that wearing earrings has a certain auxiliary effect on protecting eyesight, preventing and treating eye diseases, especially preventing and treating myopia.

Use of Earring

Earrings are often composed of gold or silver, however pendants inlaid with pearls or dangling pearls are also available. In current times, earring made of plastic or marble, ceramics, and other materials are very trendy. Metal, plastic, glass, gemstones, and other materials can be used, and they are usually created to match attire. As a result, the earliest usage of earrings is to demonstrate specific habits, beliefs, position, and even money.

According to modern medicine, the acupuncture point of the eye is located in the center of the earlobe, where the earring is worn. As can be seen, the second benefit of wearing earrings is that it can aid in the prevention and treatment of myopia.

The most important function of earrings for ladies is to match. The appropriate earrings can offer you different moods and add accents to your wardrobe depending on the occasion. For example, wearing dynamic earrings to a party may make you appear more alive, wearing atmospheric earrings to a feast can make you appear more noble and generous, and wearing dazzling earrings to significant ceremonies can make you appear more sparkling. Earrings are, in reality, a fantastic item. They can adapt to your wardrobe and attitude, making you look younger and more appealing to others.

Earrings Common Sense

Why are there still so many people who are hesitant to wear earrings when they have so many uses? In fact, if you want to wear earrings, you must undergo a procedure known as piercing. There have also been numerous reports of ear inflammation induced by piercing, leading many women to avoid piercing for fear of inflammation.

In reality, ear piercing irritation has been reported in multiple occasions. Some are pus from the ear hole, others are swelled like a bag, and still others are the result of it not healing entirely after a few months. In reality, following piercing, proper care is essential. Don’t allow the ear piercing irritation bother you if you’re a beauty fanatic. Show you fashion, challenge your personality, and let us show off different styles together.

If you’re still concerned, there is a way to pierce your ears that I can recommend to all of you. It is less likely to produce ear inflammation when you use a mix of medical steel and hydrogen peroxide. Personally, I use medical steel for the last two holes. On the same day, you can touch the water. It will not develop inflamed as long as you disinfect the water completely with hydrogen peroxide. However, because it saves time and effort, this type of piercing costs around 2-3 times as much as piercing in a general store. This is a popular piercing method used all around the world to avoid ear inflammation.

Piercing Safety Precautions

1. The best time to pierce ears is between the end of March and the end of September each year, when the weather is just right, not too hot or too cold. It’s either too chilly or too hot for ear repair at other times.

2. The frequency with which ear studs are folded and replaced should not be excessive. Don’t believe someone with pierced ears who says you can replace it in three days; it won’t grow well and will quickly cause inflammation.

Personal experience: after approximately a month, pick the earrings up when you don’t get the horrible feeling. 

3. Sensitive skin must be careful with ear piercing, because according to scientific principles, the skin on the ear is the best way to detect a person’s true skin type. If the inflammation is severe, you must get treatment as soon as possible. Therefore, it is best to find a clean and hygienic hospital for ear piercing, and secondly, ear studs must be hypoallergenic or sterling silver.

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