About Us

We sell not only women’s accessories, we also sell a lifestyle. Our client is a gentle, attractive and successful lady who aspires to achieve greater success in life.

New beginning

Women’s jewellery has always had an incredible consumer market, and it sells well all over the world. Currently, we have more than 10,000 customers worldwide, and this number is increasing every day.

Facts that must be faced

Gemlar is specially designed for female customers, and its price is easier to use than other types of expensive brand jewelry.

These increases include wholesalers, distributors, retailers and expensive advertising. Every time you change hands, the price of jewelry will rise. When it arrives, the cost you pay is countless times the cost of production.

Gemlar’s women’s jewelry website focuses on women’s jewelry. These are new designs, more in line with the tastes of fashionable women.

Everything will change…

Why buy women’s accessories?

We hope that customers have a better experience, jewelry becomes a part of their lives, and customers experience fun with each other. We have a complete after-sales service system and customers are very satisfied with our high-quality products.

Contact Us: sale@gemlar.com

Address: Building A13, Shiwei New Village, Matian Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen

Telephone Number: +86 133 1688 9001